Presence-absence of the body,
loss of its density in the digital space


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Today the majority of city dwellers are anonymous, but with the use of smartphones in public spaces, anonymity has taken a new turn. The anonymous is simultaneously in physical space and digital space distancing the possible relationship with the other. The image of the anonymous is that of a transparent body, colonized by images.


Digital and technological revolutions have generated a new space, the Internet, in which the human existence performs itself again. Between the physical, the human and the digital space, new boundaries are drawn. Across the screen that opens onto the digitised world, the body forgets itself, it switches off. 

The Portant  series shows the figures of 7 anonymous individuals whose bodies have lost their physical density. They’re only digitised membranes, one side colonised by screenshots which are the result of the respective codes visible on the other side. With no anchorage, they are simply hanging, voided of their physical substance.